Joshua bar Joseph (nazarene_josh) wrote,
Joshua bar Joseph

challenge: when in your life did you feel most alone?

When you have to save the world... you're pretty much always alone. I've learnt that.

There was the night Biff was with Maggie. The night before her wedding.

The time I spent in the mountains in Tibet, with the yeti. The things that he showed me, told me in his language. How the hunters slaughtered his kind, and they were so peaceful and gentle that they couldn't understand it, couldn't understand the cruelty of men.

The forty days in the desert, waiting for my father to speak to me.

The hours I spent on the cross.

In some ways, I've never really been alone. I've been a part of the universe, connected in ways that I only wish everyone else could be. Ways that I'm actually supposed to teach everyone else to be. *smiles*

But in other ways -- knowing that I must stay, that that's the job I've chosen. Bodhisattva is the word, one who could achieve enlightenment and leave this sphere of existence, leave earthly things behind, transcend, but who chooses not to. Who waits until all other men have gone before him, until he has helped the rest of humanity there first. Knowing that --

In some ways, I have never really known what it is to not be alone.

Protector, teacher...

It's a lonely business, saving the world.
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