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OOC: Heads-up

My pups and I will be scarce to nonexistent for the next... oh, month and a half, about. I'm spending nearly all of July and much of August studying abroad, but I'm going to be leaving a week early so I've got some time to travel on my own. Not leaving until Tuesday, but this weekend is looking to be really busy, with the family wanting to cram in a bit more time and some friends having just announced that they're having a going-away party for me, to say nothing of last-minute errands, packing, etc.

So, shall be around -- the hotel in London has 'net access (and I'm bringing my laptop), and I know the friends I'm staying with do, because I met them via lj -- but very scarce, as, well, I'll be doing things! Starting the tenth, I'll have access on a regular basis again, in Cambridge, but not in the dorm room I'll be staying in, and I don't know how heavy the workload is going to be, so I don't want to make any promises.

Thanks for the patience. Take care of yourselves and stay beautiful!
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