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"Never think that war, no matter how necessary, no matter how justified, is not a crime." -- Ernest Hemingway

And all criminals will, eventually, be held accountable for their crimes. Perhaps the laws of the land will excuse you who make war, but there is one authority from whom they cannot hide. Make your excuses to the people, your empty excuses that you think will wash away the blood that stains your hands, but one day, you will face a judge who can see through them.

Hope, then, that that judge will be merciful as you, the Presidents and Princes and the rulers of men, have not been.

Those men who devote more to war than to healing -- it is not my job to see them destroyed now. Render unto Caesar, and all.

But make no mistake, when you value death above life, when you value war above healing, it will be remembered, and you can only hope that God will show you the mercy that you never bothered to show other people.
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