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Reply to this post. In this reply, ask me any number of questions. Any number, as awkward or embarrassing as you like, absolutely anything at all. I promise to answer every question in complete honesty. Anything you want to know about me, and all you have to do is ask it today (okay, maybe not just today).

ooc: Keep in mind there might (probably WILL) be delays -- that will probably be the case for the next month and a half, more or less; I'm extremely busy right now, and will be out of the country for pretty much all of July and most of August. Shall have some access, but not nearly as much as I've got now, and it'll be a pretty rigorous academic trip, not a holiday, so I'm going to be busy. I'd mentioned it over on straying_thread, but I just wanted to be sure everyone got a heads-up. I'll be playing, but progress will be slow -- I'll be tagging only a couple of times a day, and I'm simply not going to be able to get to everyone immediately.
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